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We’re back at it – Home Renovations! And with it, comes regular trips to my husband’s favorite do it yourself store – The Home Depot. While shopping for supplies for our RV parking project, I discovered that I could pick stock up on iTunes gift cards for with a discount. Right now, you can save $8 on $50 iTunes gift cards.

Save on Home Depot iTunes $50 Gift Card

It was totally my idea. After we purchased our RV back in 2014, we have been parking our RV in front of our house. In our driveway, it blocks the view of the street, and most of the neighborhood since we live on a cul de sac. I suggested a separate driveway for our RV on the opposite side of the house, which backs up against the main street. It took a year, but he agreed, and then some.We finally hired someone to do the job, and they ended up abandoning it because they wanted more than what they contracted to do in the first place.

So that left us on our own. Now we’ve decided to alter the plans a bit, especially now that my husband is doing most of the work. However, I have been helping when I can. So off he sends me on a trip to our favorite hardware store. Since I had to run a few errands, it was perfect! I needed to pick up a gift for a friend and a few things at the grocery store. That’s when I discovered I could kill two birds with one stone. At the Home Depot, you can save $8 on a $50 iTunes gift card. Genius, I could get the birthday gift and grab what the hubster needs to finally get this project done. At least I can get all of my errands done!

Are you in the same boat needing to save time and limit the number of errand stops? Savings on $50 iTunes gift cards is only available 9/10 to 9/23 at Home Depot Hardware Stores so HURRY! This offer is only valid on $50 iTunes gift cards; a great way to start your holiday shopping. Be sure to visit local stores for program restrictions.  Redeem iTunes Store Gift Cards in the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, or Mac App Store.

Home Renovations

And our renovation? Well, one great thing, we’re saving on water because we have taken out a HUGE section of grass and sprinklers. However the project is still ongoing. I forgot to tell you the best part – you know this started off as my idea to move the RV. Well, hubby had his own ideas. Before the concrete was poured, he was stressing because he needed to add ground sleeves. I guess he added another use for our new concrete slab – it’s going to be a batting cage, one that he can put up and take down on a regular basis. Hmmm, not exactly what I was planning for. Let’s see if we ever get this job finished!

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