Belle at Macy's

Win It: Belle Apparel Now at Macy’s | #BelleApparel #Macys #Giveaway

You may have seen that we’re looking forward to celebrating the upcoming holidays at Knott’s Merry Farm. And as usual, my little model needs the perfect outfit on our annual visit to see Santa Snoopy – Belle apparel.

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My little fashionista was recently introduced to Belle, Snoopy’s sister, and it’s the perfect match! This fall, Macy’s is offering a new line of Belle apparel in 2T-6 for young girls is bringing Peanuts’ signature wit and Belle’s fashionista style.

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Letters To Santa Equals a Contribution To The Believe Campaign with Macy’s and Make A Wish | @Macys

It’s been a wonderful experience so far this year being the Room Mom to my son’s Kindergarten class.  I truly enjoy helping the teacher, who I’ve really grown fond of and working with the students and fellow parents.   


I was excited to hear that our teacher is passionate about the Macy’s and Make-A-Wish annual “Believe” campaign.

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