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It’s been a wonderful experience so far this year being the Room Mom to my son’s Kindergarten class.  I truly enjoy helping the teacher, who I’ve really grown fond of and working with the students and fellow parents.   


I was excited to hear that our teacher is passionate about the Macy’s and Make-A-Wish annual “Believe” campaign.

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In their 6th Annual Campaign, Macy’s local Macy’s stores are collecting letters, stamped and addressed to Santa at the North Pole.  With each letter received, Macy’s will donate $1 up to $1 Million to the Make-A-Wish – a non-profit organization that grants the wishes of children with life threatening medial conditions.

These children have such amazing stories of courage and strength.  A good friend of my husband was granted her very own wish from The Make-A-Wish Foundation when she was younger and struggling with Lukemia.

Believe Letter

This week, the kids got to work.  They’re just learning how to read and write, so these are their first of many letters to Santa.  Moms walked around the room helping them spell out words like toys, super heroes, Barbie’s and more. Once the stamped envelopes are returned from the parents, our devoted teacher will hand deliver them to our local Macy’s.  Join us in helping Macy’s reach their $1 Million goal!

Letters To Santa

Make-A-Wish has granted the wishes of more than 226,000 children with life-threatening medical conditions in the United States since 1980. The local Los Angeles chapter has granted 8,300 Wishes alone in its 30 years! In addition, 89 percent of doctors, nurses, social workers and child life specialists believe the Wish experience positively influences Wish Kid’s health! 

For more information about Macy’s “Believe” Campaign, visit the website: https://social.macys.com/believe

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  1. I started this about 4 years ago and now I do it in 4 school districts I read every letter and some of them really hit home-they will tell Santa all kinds of things they won’t tell someone else. I use it to get the kids to understand not only at Christmas but all through the year giving from the heart is rewarding and its just a good thing. I always love to play the baby grand piano at Maceys at Christmas and one year my daughters left me (ya know old mom playing in front of all these people I’m not great but I can carry a tune) when I got done to go look for them I spotted a big red mailbox
    and I thought what in the world–so of course I checked it out and I read all about it and so I started doing this in my Title 1 groups at school, then moved on to the Library and then the whole school and its just something thats caught on- I’m getting ready to do it next week to over 636 kids from k to 6th grade–thanks so much for letting not only my students, friends, co-workers, family be a part of this but all of us.


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