Book Review: Inspiration To Follow Your Dreams with Rosabella

My daughter is a dreamer. She dreams of dancing, dreams of singing, drawing, anything to do with the arts. Naturally, anything having to do with any form of ballet, she eagerly wants to get involved. So naturally, when I was invited to review the book, Rosabella, I figured she’d love the book, which I was quite right!

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The John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts is a nonprofit organization that helps developing artists. In turn, with the publishing of Rosabella, Gabrielle Rose de Ginant has graciously donated a portion of all sales of the book to the scholarship fund for future artists.

Rosabella, John E Profant Foundation For The Arts, Gabriele Rose de Ginant

“We are blessed to have the opportunity to share such a beautiful work as Rosabella with the world, both the book and the ballet, and in turn Rosabella will help us to give scholarships in the future. A portion of the proceeds from the sale and licensing of all Rosabella products will go directly to support our scholarship fund.”

In the book, Rosabella is born full of life and the joy of dance. She is “gifted” by each of the elements and is quite happy as she dances through the seasons. However, as she gets older, she notices a void her life, a lack of purpose. She sets off on a journey to find her path, asking all the beings in all of nature what she should do. As she listens to their recommendations, she is still lost until Old Father Winter offers her eternal life. At that moment, she realizes she is her dream, and she returns to her care free life as a dancer, dancing with her love.

My daughter and I often talk about her dreams, what she’d like to be as she gets older, her love for dancing and more. Rosabella reinforces the importance of dreams and continuing to strive to reach the goals you set out for yourself, no matter how big they are.

Rosabella will inspire you to find, follow and live your dreams. To learn more about Rosabella, John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts or the Rosabella Ballet, please visit their website at

Disclaimer: We were given a copy of Rosabella to review; no form of compensation was received.

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