Relax at the Beach

When the kids are out of school, I’m the type of mom who has to take them somewhere.  I like to just get out of the house and let them burn off some steam.  Living in sunny Southern California, there is always tons of things to do – museums, amusement parks, parks, etc.  But the one thing I guess I take for granted is our beautiful beaches.  Hubby isn’t too fond of the sand, and I am not a huge fan of packing up all the sand toys, towels, sunblock, etc to make a day at the beach.  However, a spur of the moment lunch at the beach – I didn’t need all that “stuff”!

I decided that we were going to do our typical running around with a list of items to accomplish. 
1st: Picture Portraits for Daddy’s Valentine’s Present.  Dad amazingly didn’t have a picture of our princess in his office, so I figured it was time to do this.  We ran to our local Walmart for quick portraits, however, the tech wasn’t quite so “quick” with her first customers – scratch that idea!  Our next stop was to Huntington Beach Pier.  Ahhh, I thought – GREAT SPOT FOR PICTURES!!!!  I could “kill two birds with one stone” so to speak.  Pictures, Beach and Lunch!!!!

So we ran off to Huntington Beach, wandered around on the sand, checked out the Farmers Market and headed out onto the pier.  The kids really enjoyed checking out the surfers and the birds.

For lunch, we went to Ruby’s on The Pier.  A beautiful location, we hoped for a table next to the windows and were lucky to be seated at one.  To keep the kids entertained while waiting for food, they brought us kiddie cardboard menus that we built into cars (my handsome boy’s favorite!!!)

Usually I have a tough time getting my kids to eat – they’re easily distracted with their surroundings.  But, with the delicious lunch we chose (grilled cheese and corn dogs) they ate every last bite on their own.  Thank goodness!!!

Then we headed back out to the pier and took some great photos on the grassy area to make this for dad: 

This is a shutter fly photo that I ordered.  With this desk plaque, you don’t even need a frame, OR worry about it getting knocked off the desk.  I think it is made out of cardboard or card stock and at least a quarter of an inch thick.  Sturdy with an easel on the back makes the perfect gift for anyone.  With many different layouts, you can design it with as many pictures as you want.

When you order, make sure you check out Shutterfly’s coupon codes – you may be able to get free shipping or even a discount on your order.

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