Book Review: Luca Lashes, An iPad App and Interactive Story

My kids are highly addicted to the iPad.  Heck, I am too.  I really enjoy my social addiction, while the kids, handsome boy in particular is addicted to any racing game he can get his hands on.  However I do make them use these gadgets for learning as well.  We all really enjoy reading stories together as a family, and love finding new stories, especially interactive ones to download.

I was recently contacted about a book review on Luca Lashes, an interactive book series that is based on a boy with magic eyelashes that give him special brave powers.


We had the opportunity to download two of the books.  The first, “Luca Lashes and his Trip To The Nursing Home”.

If you have a grandparent or a great grandparent that is transitioning into nursing home life like we do, this book is perfect for your young reader.  This interactive story is a great way for youngsters to overcome any fears or apprehension they may have about visiting the nursing home.



The second story, “Luca Lashes Visits the Doctor” is when Luca takes his first visit to the doctor.  Taking your little ones to the doctor can be such a scary experience.  My kids get a little nervous as they hear other youngsters crying after receiving their annual shots.  This story helps prepare children for what they will see and endure at the doctors office.  My kids really enjoyed touching all the objects in the story as they either moved or made a funny noise.

In both Luca Lashes stories, the narrator had a friendly voice that I think kids would enjoy.  The Bright colorful illustrations are engaging and the interaction with the characters and items in the story makes this book series fun for kids.  The concepts shared in the stories are exactly what kids will experience.  In the back of the book, there is a parent’s section that highlights key teaching concepts and provides questions parents can use. And this series of iPad apps for preschoolers and toddlers is available in Chinese, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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