Jurassic World Live Roars to Orange County This July

Did you hear? Jurassic World Live will be at the Honda Center in Anaheim July 14 – 16 and at Crypto.com Arena July 21 – 23.

Jurassic World Live Tour roars into Southern California in July

The family will be in awe when they see Jurassic World come to life. Dinosaurs from the iconic movie franchise, including fan-favorite Velociraptor Blue and a Tyrannosaurus Rex more than 40 feet in length, will take center stage off the big screen onto the arena floor. 

The production features more than 20 film-accurate, life-sized dinosaurs, each custom-built with the latest technology, scientific precision, and Hollywood studio quality.  With scale, speed, and ferocity, the animatronic and performer-operated dinosaurs deliver colossal, edge-of-your-seat excitement that brings the Jurassic World park right here to California.

Jurassice World Live Tour

You’ll dive into Jurassic World with an unmistakable musical score combined with projection and practical scenery that transforms the arena into the dense jungles of Isla Nublar, where real Gyrospheres roll through the valley. The trip to Isla Nublar takes a terrifying turn after the Indominus Rex escapes and causes chaos in the park!  The adventure continues as you join forces with a team of scientists to unravel a corrupt plan and save an all-new dinosaur named Jeanie from a terrible fate. 

With pulse-pounding stunts and an original, authentic storyline that takes place between the Jurassic World and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movies, this all-new live adventure is guaranteed to take fans on a larger-than-life immersive journey and make family memories that will last another 65 million years.

Get your tickets now at https://www.jurassicworldlivetour.com/

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