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Fitness has been my newest passion. I’ve finally decided to put myself first and focus on a healthier diet, and with that, the motivation to “get moving ever day”. Over the summer I took up swimming since I have had issues with plantar fasciitis in my right heel. However, with the weather changing, I know it is only a matter of time before the pool will be too cold for my daily swim. I was excited about the opportunity to participate in live fitness classes from home, or in my neighborhood with GIXO, a great alternative work out option.

GIXO Fitness Program

GIXO is a fitness app available via Apple or Android, and is like having a gym membership, but you can participate in the classes, wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. I’ve done GIXO classes from the comfort of home, or in the local park down the street from my house. Since it is on your mobile device, you can conveniently work out anywhere.

There are a variety of classes available, and of all different time increments. If you only have 10-15 minutes to complete a quick fitness class – that’s available. They even offer a 50 minute 5K fun run.

GIXO Class Options

You also have the option to participate in live classes, or a class “on demand”, which means you can jump into a work out whenever it is convenient. The class has been pre-recorded from earlier in the day.

I decided to join in on their Fit Camp. The Fit Camp is 4 days per week, for 3 weeks. That’s 12 40-minute sessions. I stared the first class this past Monday. We started with a 40-minute class to set a baseline for strength and cardio endurance. After we warmed up, we spent the first half of class indoors testing strength limits, and the second half outdoors (or on a treadmill) in a timed 12-minute walk or run, followed by a cooldown! The class is awesome, I’m just discovering my pace and my limits with my plantar fasciitis.

The best part, I’ve been utilizing the GIXO 15 minute circuit training classes as a warm up to my 30 minute swim in the pool. For me, having a variety has been key in keeping me into my work out routine going since mid July. Finally, something that I’m truly enjoying and keeping me motivated.

Interested in learning about GIXO, or joining in on the fun? Visit their website for more details:

GIXO Fitness Program

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