Earth Day at Pretend City

Looking for something for the whole family this weekend?  Celebrate Earth Day at Pretend City on Sunday, April 22nd.  

 The Green Family, bee keepers who work to rescue bees and preserve their habitats and honey, will be at Pretend City all day to teach and inspire families to live a “clean lifestyle”.They make non-toxic cleaners for their home, using green personal care products, buying local and living off their own land, utilizing an at home recycling system, and making their purchases at garage sales and thrift stores to promote the importance of reusing products.  An amazing family to learn from.
Other fun things to do on Earth Day include:

Science Spark (9:30am and 1:30pm):   Spark your child’s interest in science and the environment.  Mad Science, the world’s leading provider of science enrichment for children, will present two classes to ensure that children have a chance to experience their environmental educational classes.

  • Bugs! (9:30am – 10:30am) – Recommended for preschool ages and up to help them learn about natural habitats and the bugs that live within these special environments.  Children will study an assortment of bugs, their defenses and their role in our ecosystem.  As an added bonus, children can take home ladybugs to add to their very own garden.
  • Earth Awareness (1:30pm – 2:30pm) – For children 5 years and up, will enjoy learning aboutthe different factors affecting our Earth today.  This class will help them understand community functions and environmental aspects of the community.  It will help them build upon this interest as they discover how water can go from dirty to clean through a mock lake.
Nature Works (10:30am and 12:00pm):
  • Busy Bee “Bees”-ness (10:30am):  Guerrilla Beekeepers will give us an inside look at honeybees and their importance to our health and our Earth! We will learn all about how honeybees tend to the hive, feed babies, make honeycomb and pollinate 80% of our produce. You’ll even get to see real bees!  
  • A Bug’s Life (2:30pm) Dr. Sue, “The Bug Lady,” gives her live bug presentation about insects and arthropods.  Her insect program helps dispel myths and misconceptions about bugs and brings some love to our crawly creatures that share our planet with us.
Music and Movement (11:00am):
  • Come one, come all to a sing-a-long with the Kazoom Band! They will get your child movin’ and groovin’ to their earthly tunes.
  • Good to Go Game: Beach Clean Up! Your children will enjoy this hands-on cause and effect scenario. They will learn the importance not only of putting trash in the garbage can, but also how important it is to recycle and reduce the amount of trash we create.

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 Pretend City is located at :
29 Hubble, Irvine CA 92618
Hours of operation: 10:00am – 5:00pm

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    Our family loves Pretend City and Earth Day, so this is great information. This looks like something really fun to do with the wee ones this weekend – after the Family Pet Expo of course! 😉

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