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{Hosted} Raising a little diva can be challenging at times. My darling daughter has recently given up her frilly dresses for themed t-shirts and black leggings. While I am fine with her fashion sense, I want to make sure she has a solid foundation in etiquette and manners. Bold Girlz in Mission Viejo offers a fun Superhero Etiquette Workshops were teen superheroes offer tips on how to positively greet people, walk, stand and table manners.

Superhero Etiquette Workshops Bold Girlz

Its been said that family dinners are important for catching up on each other’s day, and a time for bonding. However, dinners in our household typically include conversations and sound effects like belches, butts and farts followed by hysterical giggles. While Mom is the enforcer of manners, any help I can get is greatly appreciated. Thankfully there are companies like Bold Girlz who offer classes on Superhero Hero Etiquette. Last week my mini-me and I were invited to Bold Girlz in Mission Viejo to participate in one of the Superhero Etiquette Workshops.

When we arrived, my princess and I were in awe. Sparkles, clothing everywhere, a stage with curtains, and amazing amounts of fun, I knew this was the perfect place for us! We arrived a few minutes late, so we jumped right into the workshop where my daughter was super eager to learn. The hour and a half workshop, ranging from table manners and social graces, to inclusion and anti-bullying workshop,  was perfect for my daughter because it is designed for girls ages six to 14. Led by the teen staff at Bold Girlz, dressed as Bold Girlz-themed Superheroes, the girls were mesmerized by what they had to share.

Bold Girlz Etiquette Workshop Eye Contact

The girls started off earning about the proper way to walk. As a girl, you want to look confident: walk with your head held high, shoulders back, slightly swinging your arms. When you meet or greet someone, it’s important to pay attention and focus on the person in front of you. Eye contact is key when greeting a stranger. Offer to shake hands, and smile. Once the girls all practiced with the Bold Girlz Superhero Etiquette team one on one, they moved into the dining room for lessons on table manners.

Bold Girlz Table Manners Etiquette Workshop

Our girls learned how to set the table, how to properly keep their napkins in their laps, even the positions of the silverware should be left on the plate when you leave the table to visit the ladies room or when you are through with your meal. Funny, but many of us moms admitted that we didn’t know there was proper silverware placement.

TIP: When excusing yourself to visit the ladies room during your meal, leave your silverware in the position of a teepee to signal to your server that you will be returning. If you are finished with your meal, leave your silverware in the 5:00 o’clock position.

Bold Girls Table Settings

Basic manners are so easy to teach and learn, that the teen girls on the staff have started to do the training. The younger girls really look up to them and want to be like them, so making the staff the focus of the training was key to holding the younger girls attention,” said Cheryl Beck, Bold Girlz CEO. “Our mission at Bold Girlz has always been to foster girls’ confidence and self-esteem, and learning proper manners is perfectly in line with that.”

Bold Girlz offers its Superhero Etiquette Workshops in store at Kaleidoscope, and can travel to a school or other location to present the workshop. To register or for more information on the classes or class schedule, please visit or call 949.348.1300.

Now once we finished with our Superhero Etiquette Workshop and shopping, we headed out off to the Union Market Mission Viejo, located right across from Bold Girls at The Kaleidoscope to test the girls at what they had learned. At Union Market, they have a variety of different eateries to choose from. Their trendy vibe with an open floorplan, rustic lighting, ping pong tables and artificial turf makes this space a great place to hang out. My daughter and I decided to try to unique spots for dinner: The Market 2 Plate where they offer pastas and salads as well as Hummus Bowl, an organic hummus bar offering healthy meals.

Market 2 Plate Spinach Linguini with Mushroom Alfredo

I decided on the Market 2 Plate Spinach Linguini with Mushroom Alfredo. The noodles were al-dente with just the right amount of Alfred sauce and large plump mushrooms. While my daughter opted for a Rotelli pasta with a Rose sauce.

Hummus Bowl

At Hummus Bowl my daughter and I shared the delicious mushroom hummus with fresh pita slices. We also had the opportunity to sample their falafel tacos. While we were sampling the items, the girls were commenting about how much they learned, showing us they didn’t have their elbows on the table, were using their forks, etc. It was quite a great mother/daughter evening. And when we got home, my mini-me couldn’t wait to tell daddy about the evening. She’s even corrected dad and her brother a couple of times during meals since our evening out.

Bold Girlz boutique and party place was founded in Orange County, CA in 2012 and has one location in Mission Viejo, CA at the Kaleidoscope. Bold Girlz specializes in girls fashion themed parties, spa parties, rock star parties, Girl Scout projects, etiquette training and more. The retail store features a fashion runway and full line of trendy apparel and accessories. The mission is to encourage girls to be B.O.L.D. Brave, Original, Loving & Daring.

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