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What do you do when you have kindergarten kids that get out of school earlier than their older siblings? We decided to plan a Barbie and The Secret Door Playdate at the park.

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Since we’ve only been in school for about 6 weeks now, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for my princess to get to know a couple of her classmates a little better, since we’ve been discussing having a playdate since school started. There were a couple of girls from class that I had in mind because I knew they had older siblings and also had to wait an hour and a half before their pick up time.

Barbie, Barbie and The Secret Door, Barbie dolls and books

Our generous friends from Mattel supplied us with most of what we needed – Barbie, Romy and Nola dolls, coloring books, story books and more. I picked up some gift bags and a few more supplies like Barbie puzzles, costume jewelry and some snacks and drinks for the girls.

Barbie and The Secret Door DVD

When school was out for the day, we walked to the park. The girls were giddy with anticipation as I told them I had a surprise in store. We set up near the playground so the girls could get all the wiggles out while I set up the movie – Barbie and The Secret Door and gifts.

We called the girls over and they were so excited about what they saw, they were dancing around. I was so proud of my princess who let her friends pick out their perfect companion first. Then they sat and watched a little of the movie before they took off to picnic in the little playground house with their new doll friends.

Barbie And The Secret Door Party Playground

Barbie and The Secret Door is the perfect “friend” movie. Barbie, starring as Alexa, a quiet and shy princess discovers a secret door in her kingdom and is transported to a magical land. She meets Romy and Nori and becomes fast friends. Alexa discovers she has magical powers herself in this mystical world and with the encouragement of Romy and Nori, she finds her strength to stand up for herself, what she believes in and friendship.

I love all the products that have come out with this movie. Since the girls are learning letters and beginning readers, the books were awesome. A great opportunity to read to all from the story book, coloring/painting book, even the sticker book. Kind of funny, but they elected to start with the paint book at the park – a little hard with only a drinking fountain and no containers to grab water for the water colors, but they made due.

Barbie And The Secret Door Party Painting

As I explain to my daughter all the time, it’s important to stand up for yourself and those you love as well as the value in a great friendship. It’s amazing how early on the drama starts among friends, and I’m hoping with guidance and positive examples like Barbie and The Secret Door will mold her into an amazingly strong, independent, girl as well as a loyal and trustworthy friend.

Barbie and The Secret Door is now available on DVD in local retailers and online. For more information, visit The Barbie website.

Disclaimer: I participated in an In-Home Party Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel. I received product samples to facility my party and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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