Autism Awareness and Giveaway #AutismAwarenessMonth

Well it’s April and did you know it is Autism Awareness Month?

As a parent, we all have opinions about how children should be raised. Especially when it comes to our own children. I know I am embarrassed when my children have a tantrum in a grocery store or when we’re shopping in a department store and they are running around, hiding in the clothing racks – even knocking them over.

We’ve all been there, times when you’re in a public place like a restaurant and you hear an argument not to far away.  A child in a heated discussion with a parent.  Maybe the child is getting louder and louder because they aren’t getting their way, or they’re upset about something and they won’t let it go.  Either way, you are uncomfortable and you realize the parent is uncomfortable.  Most people would just think that child needs some serious discipline, some consequences, something, right?  Have you ever considered that child may have Autism?  One amazing mom shared her journey of what it was like to live with a child who had special quirks medical professionals had a difficult time diagnosing at the time.  The story about Sammy is one mom lighthearted tale and the struggles of living with a child with autism. Before autism was even a word.

My mother-in-law gave me this book with the intent of me giving it to a friend whose children are both somewhere on the Autism spectrum.  Curious, I began reading – and couldn’t put it down.  With Leslie’s words, I was able to understand just a small snippet of what it is like to have a child with Aspergers Syndrome – an autism spectrum disorder.  She shared memorable events Sammy’s, life in a way that I could relate as a parent.   Everyone is so scared of the term Autism.  But in reality, it isn’t really scary.  A person with Autism just processes every day life differently. 
Interested in getting the book for yourself?  You can order now at Amazon (click) or…
I feel everyone should read this book so they are enlightened and educated about Autism.  
So we’re giving away 5 copies
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Thank you Leslie for giving me a little insight into your life and sharing your story.  


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