Air Fryer Steamed Spam

When I grew up, one of our regular meals was Spam and rice. My mom prepared it by frying it up, however I didn’t like the flavor as much. Since my kids have now become fans of Spam musubi, I was looking for additional ways to prepare it, and decided to try the air fryer. Quick and easy, air fryer steamed spam is delicious.

Air Fryer Steamed Spam and Rice

Spam has become such a popular meat, that there are now many different varieties offered at the grocery store. Our favorite is the teriyaki flavored. It works perfectly by itself with rice, prepared as spam musubi or added to one of my specialties, pork fried rice.

Air Fryer and Rice Cooker for Steamed spam and rice

Since I’m always on the go, I typically go with quick and easy meals for my family when I’m cooking at home. Therefore my favorite kitchen gadgets are my rice cooker and air fryer. How else can I multi task with dinner cooking while I’m helping my children with their homework?

To steam the spam, I filled the base of the air fryer with a little bit of water. Basically enough to cover the bottom. Then I lined the inside of the air fryer basket with foil sheets and placed slices of spam inside. I added another foil sheet and layered the rest of the spam. I gently closed up the foil, leaving a small opening so that the spam would stay moist, and cooked it at 350° for 10 minutes. If you want the spam a little more crisp, open the foil and add a few more minutes.

While the spam is steaming, I also prepare steamed rice in our rice cooker. Set it and forget about it – both are finished approximately the same time. Plate and enjoy.

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