Ready for Holiday Entertaining with a NewAir Beverage Cooler

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This year, we decided to host Thanksgiving at our house again. With all the family coming over, the Hubster and I have been preparing for the holiday. For some reason, we always forget to plan ahead for beverages during the festivities. This year, we decided to make it simple on everyone with the Newair ABR-960, a 96 Can Beverage Cooler.

New Air 96 Can Beverage Cooler

New Air Beverage Cooler 96

I was so excited to surprise the hubster with the delivery of the Newair 96 Can Beverage Cooler. We have a rather small kitchen with very little counter space, so I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it. Once I got it out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised by it’s size. The depth of the cabinet is 22.5 inches, the exact depth of our custom kitchen cabinets. The width is roughly 14.75 inches, narrow enough to place right next to our cabinets without taking up a whole lot of our walk way. At 33 inches tall, it is just short of our counter height by a few inches, but it does add an extra bit counter space as needed during holidays.

What I like most about the Newair 96 Can Beverage Cooler is that it is portable. I can move it around the house as needed. If you’re going through a kitchen remodel – why not build it into your plans. Had this been around 10 years ago when we did our remodel, we absolutely would have jumped on the opportunity to have it added to our kitchen permanently.

This year, we decided to make it simple on everyone with the NewAir ABR-960, a 96 Can Beverage Cooler.










The Newair ABR-960 96 Can Beverage Cooler holds up to 96 standard cans, so you can organize up to 16, 6-packs of beer or soda across its sturdy shelves. The shelves are also removable, an added benefit so you can add a few wine bottles or snacks if you wish. Actually, we’re thinking about turning it into a snack frig for the kids when not in use for entertaining.

During our Thanksgiving dinner, we discussed the benefits of the beverage cooler, and hands down, the family loved the fact it was compact enough to add it anywhere in the kitchen and the convenience of having the beverages close. Typically we store all of our can drinks in the garage, so this illuminated our guests having to run to the garage when they needed a refill.

If you have been thinking about adding a can beverage cooler to your home/kitchen, now is the time. It is currently available at Newair for $749.00. OR Win one below!

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