Tune In To The Littlest Pet Shop This Saturday on @HubTVNetwork

Sometimes it’s important to take a “girls day”.  This past weekend, I decided that since it was my daughter’s 4th birthday, we were going to spoil her rotten with attention.  My friends at the Hub invited us to the screening of the newest “Littlest Pet Shop” episode, I decided this was the perfect outing.

Heading off to Los Angeles, in traffic mind you, we started our journey to University of Southern California.  Um, how did I forget the fact that the LA Book Festival is one of the largest festivals of it’s kind, was at USC that weekend!  So, after wandering through the excitement of the festival, we stopped at the quaint Ray Stark Theater on Campus, The Hub presented their all new episode of the “Littlest Pet Shop” – Summertime Blues.

Catch a glimpse:

About the show – Blythe, moves to the big city with her father, into an apartment just above The Littlest Pet Shop.  She discovers she can actually understand the pets and makes fast friends.
This adorable half-hour animated comedy show is great for toddlers and families.  The pets’ big personalities often lead to hilarious pop music-inspired song and dance sequences, that may get your kids giggling and dancing to.  My princess, who loves to dance and sing, gets up and begins boogying down with the characters, as well as my son, who is on the shy side.
Don’t forget to set your DVRs for this Saturday, April 27th!  Join Blythe in the newest episode of The Littlest Pet Shop set to airing at 8:30am PST as she makes plans for the summer and discover how her friends support her decision.  For more fun, organize a viewing party!  The Hub’s website has fun games and video clips to meet the characters: https://www.hubworld.com.  My daughter’s favorite?  The Diva, Zoe.  Which pet is your kid’s favorite?
Thanks to our friends at The Hub for inviting us to this fun event.  We were presented with a Littlest Pet Shop gift for my princess, however all opinions are my own.

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