Surprises from the Easter Bunny and @wonderforge

I’ve been sharing a lot about the Easter Bunny lately, and all of a sudden it hit me!  It’s literally around the corner and I haven’t even started shopping for Easter Baskets.  I don’t traditionally like the typical baskets that are pre-assembled at most stores.  They usually contain TONS of candy.  Really, we don’t eat it and end up throwing it away.

My friends at Wonder Forge certainly had my family in mind when they created the Disney Easter Matching Game.  It’s perfect for my “Disney Loving”/”Game Loving” family!  So much for saving it for the Easter Baskets, because when we received it in the mail, the kids wanted to tear it open!

This game is perfect for toddlers!  With all of our favorite Disney & Pixar characters, they will have hours of fun.  You can select as many of the characters you’d like to use, so you can start small by selecting a few matching pairs for the littlest of gamers or go big time  and use all of the game tiles for the older ones. Made of thick card board, so little fingers can pick them up with ease.  

When creating an Easter Basket, this is a great game for either gender.  I like to create a them when assembling my baskets, so if use this muse, I have a huge selection to choose from – and can easily stay away from candy!  Horray!!!

Where can you buy Wonder Forge Games?  Check their website for details: WONDERFORGE
This game is available at Target.

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  1. My daughter has the sesame street version of this game 🙂 Didn’t know they made an Easter one! I agree, I hate store bought baskets…I have so much fun putting her basket together.


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