Girls Will Go Wild Over The New Students at Monster High | #FreakyFusion

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Do you have a daughter who has become infatuated with the cast of Monster High® like I do? Well, they’re going to completely freak out with a another boo year and a new cast of students.  Fusion is all the rage with the Freaky Fusion ghouls, Clawvenus™, Cleolei™, Dracubecca™ and Lagoonafire™.

The Monster High® Freaky Fusion™ ghouls go deep into the catacombs of Monster High to help Frankie look for clues about her past and learn more about her family scaritage. There, they inadvertently set off a time machine that takes them back to the year 1814 where they meet Sparky, a misguided, teen scientist obsessed with the creation of life. Sparky follows Frankie back to modern day Monster High, causing a lab accident in which eight ghouls fuse into four new monsters! to get all the latest Freaky Fusion™ ghouls.

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