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We finally had a chance to hit up the OC Fair – really, doesn’t everyone in Orange County attend it once during the month it is here?  I know we usually make a plan to take the “littles”, however we missed out on the fun last year.

OC Fair Ferris Wheel

So, this year we were invited attend the OC Fair and the Monster X Tour – a must when you have a handsome little boy who is infatuated with any machine on four wheels!

Since the Monster X Tour started at 7:30pm, we decided to start our Fair fun at around 4pm.  That way, we would miss some of the heat and be able to enjoy the sights before the show.  The first stop – Piglets!!!

Piglets at the OC Fair

Have you seen these adorable little guys?  They are now 2 weeks old and as cute as can be.  My kids just loved checking them out, along with the other fair livestock.

OC Fair Garden Vegtables

The next stop was the garden.  Last year, we tried to grow our own pumpkins and other items, only to discover we didn’t have enough room for the vines.  Being able to see these fruits and vegetables make a great learning experience for our youngsters.  I was amazed to find they knew most of what was growing in the OC Fairgrounds garden.

Fair Food

If you’re attending the OC Fair, you can’t skip out on the food.  All kinds of “healthy” fried items are available.  From left to right, we selected a clam chowder bread bowl, breaded clams with ranch and tarter sauce, sour dough bread pepperoni pizza and fried lobster with white rice and french fries.

@MonsterXTour at the OC Fair

Then is was time for noisy fun – the Monster X Tour.  These crazy HUGE trucks were really fun to watch.  Check out The California Kid as he jumps the cars and dirt ramps:

For even more thrills and excitement, check out Rock Star, as it catches on fire:

When the show was over, we picked up Handsome Boy’s own Monster Truck.  After every show, the drivers were graciously signing autographs for fans.

Monster X Drivers

I know we certainly had fun, but check out this little guy, who had an absolute blast!

@OCFair, @MonsterXTour

Thank you to our friends at the OC Fair for inviting us to experience one of Orange County’s traditions – The OC Fair.  We plan on coming back before its over!

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