Harry Dotson Park

Harry Dotson Park, Stanton - Toddler Trails
Harry M Dotson Park
10350 Fern St.
Stanton, CA 92841
(714) 379-9222 x 270


A little gem in Stanton, Harry Dotson Park and Splash Pad offers a variety of fun for the whole family.  

As we affectionately call it the “Pirate Park”, Harry Dotson has two play structures.  The “Pirate Ship” is certainly made for creative play with all kinds of twists, turns, slides, things to climb on etc.  built for kids ages 5-12, this structure will let the kids imagination soar.

The second play structure, designed for toddlers ages 2-5, is great for climbing, sliding, swinging like a monkey and even a little letter and number learning.  This structure is even shaded with overhead coverings.

Harry Dotson Park, Stanton - Todder Trails

The Spray Pad typically turns on May through early September (Memorial Day – Labor Day).  The water fun usually starts at 12pm and shuts off at dusk (approximately 5pm – 6pm).  It is a saloon style setup with several water spouts that shoot water from the ground, soaking all within it’s range.  There is also a large water bucket that dumps on those silly kids who love to get drenched.

This park also has shaded cement picnic tables, bathrooms and a basketball court.  One of the features I really like best is that there is one exit/entrance.  If your little one likes to wander, you are sure to see them before they make it to the street with the way the park is gated in.

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