Endangered Whales Spotted

This week, I had the opportunity to take a boat excursion to see endangered whales.  The Aquarium of the Pacific and Harbor Breeze Cruises team up for whale watching excursions daily at 12pm and 3pm.  For $45.95 you get an adult admission to The Aquarium AND whale watching.  (Kids-$30.95)

Fin Whale


The second largest animal on the planet, also known as the “greyhounds of the ocean”, the fin whales are being spotted in the waters of Long Beach.  The fin whales have been in search of krill, their source of food,  which is common in our waters.  Because they are so long, you rarely see their flukes (tales), but you can see their “fluke prints”, as mighty tales push them down to the floor of the ocean to scoop up krill with their jaws open wide.  They push out the water through their baleen (hairlike teeth) that allows them to trap their food.


Left: krill       Right: baleen


While on any whale watching trip, you see many other animals, one being dolphins, which happen to be my favorite.  So many different breeds of dolphin, generally the common dolphin is spotted racing along the high speed catamaran.  We were lucky to land ourselves in a “super pod” of dolphins.  The experts estimated 5,000 dolphins, an amazing sight!


Hard to see, but this is a small snapshot of the “Super Pod” of dolphins


100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach, CA 90802
As with most whale watching excursions, there are things to remember:
  • The boats are out on the water for 2-2.5 hours, I would recommend waiting until your youngsters are about 3 years old to appreciate these beautiful creatures.
  • Be sure to bundle up – it may will get cold, no matter what time of year
  • You can bring snacks and beverages; also available in the galley for purchase
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera!!!!
  • If seasickness is a concern, Dramamine, motion sickness bands, etc can be purchased at your local drugstore.  Contact your physician before taking any medications.


Thank you to Aquarium of the Pacific and Harbor Breeze Cruises for an amazing morning out seeing these beautiful creatures!
*I received tickets to review the excursion, however the opinions are all my own*

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