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With one kid in 1st grade, one entering Kindergarten and the littlest having just turned two, it’s been a little tough having the time to focus on reading and writing. My 1st grader is doing an amazing job on his own, excelling in his class, however, my younger son needed a little assistance with his penmanship and the Butter Pencil Grip is doing the trick!

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This awesome writing tool was invented by Tina M. Butterfield, MSOT, OTR/L and developed by ARK Thereapeutic. The Butter Pencil Grip was designed specifically for those who are having a hard time writing with their fingers in the proper writing position.  

Butter Grip on Pencil

The Butter Pencil Grip is quite simple to use.  It just attaches to any pencil (some pencils may be a little smaller than others causing it to slide a tiny bit). The round shape serves as a grip for small fingers to grasp while writing. Little fingers “HUG” the grip with the fingertips rest just below the grip on the pencil. This proper writing position encourages fine motor development and impressingly improves writing legibility.

Butter Grip Writing Tool

I noticed my little guy’s writing improved greatly with the first couple of trys using the the Butter Pencil Grip.  He stated he didn’t like it – the finger position a little awkward for him, but with continued practice I’m sure he will find this a more comfortable writing hold.

At a diameter of 1 inch, this grip is recommended for children and young adults. Sold in a combo pack of 1 purple and 1 blue grip. All other accessories are sold separately. Tran-Quill™ Pen/Pencils sold separately.

You can order the Butter Pencil Grip two pack via https://www.arktherapeutic.com/BGripComboAR.html


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