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Getting Back To Fitness | @SexyMomsRun

 Disclosure:  I was invited to participate on a blog tour, to help get the word out about family fitness and help raise awareness of the Sexy Mom’s Running Club.  For my participation, I received a gift bag with goodies.  In no way did this influence my opinion.

 Lately, I have to admit, I have been really lazy. Hubby says I need to get out and get active again with my Zumba class.  He is so right!  I felt so much better when I was attending a fitness class regularly.

Taking Time Out

My laziness began when the kids picked up a summer cold.  I was so focused on getting them better.  Then I caught their germs.  As usual, that cold didn’t stop me from attending events and other commitments, running myself ragged that I think I developed walking pneumonia (totally self diagnosed since I never went to the doctor).  At that point, all I wanted to do was sleep.

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