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It Will Be a Fun Filled February at Pretend City | @pretendcity

For February at Pretend City there are a TON of special activities lined up for little ones from Groundhog Day to a Family Autism Event on the 24th. Start planning now as your calendar will be booked!

Entering Pretend City

Pretend City Children’s Museum invites children and families to explore adventures in health in the month of February as this month is dedicated to children’s overall well-being.  From dribbles to sniffles and everything in between, monitoring a child’s growth introduces many new experiences to a family’s life.  Children have the opportunity to learn about the careers and resources that help keep them healthy through exciting pretend play!  Various play scenarios, fun facilitated activities, and special guests are sure to encourage children and make them eager for their next well-child check-up! 

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