Spring Cleaning with Delicious Pairings from Walmart

This morning, I decided it was time to start “Spring Cleaning”.  Since darling hubby was home on his Spring Break, he ran the kids to Preschool/Kindergarten, so I had some time to myself.  And typical me, I decided  it was finally time I tackled the final cabinet I put off.

First, I drove to Walmart to check out their storage containers.  Right next to the entrance, I ran into the bakery department.  I hadn’t had breakfast yet, and I had heard the Super Walmarts have amazing bakeries.

The Bakery at Walmart

My local Walmart Bakery was stocked full of party items.  Definitely have to remember that when I’m planning Princess’ party at the end of the month.  I headed off to the danish section because I was craving apple turnovers.  They really are a favorite as I remember eating them on Saturday mornings with my mom.

Off I dashed, to grab some coffee since we were almost out.  I had heard that many of the other Super Walmarts have a special “Delicious Pairing” Display where you can sample different blends of Starbucks coffees since I really wanted to try their Medium Breakfast Blend.  I grabbed a bag of grounds since I prefer to brew my own coffee at home; I don’t like it too strong.


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I then scrambled to the housewares department to check out their containers.  They had many, all shapes and sizes, but I was looking for blue lids.  Yes, I’m obsessed with everything matching because I used Tupperware containers in all of my other cabinets with blue lids.   

Back at home, I brewed up a pot of coffee, and got to work. When we remodeled the kitchen 2 years ago, I planned for this section of our cabinets to be baking and drink items. Then as time passed, I started putting odds and ends to either store or because I didn’t have anywhere else to put them. Well, it turned into a “catch all”.  Now it was time to fix it!

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I ran out to my garage because I remembered I had a few Rubbermaid Totes loaded with extra Tupperware. (Okay, don’t judge. I used to sell Tupperware and ended up buying more than I sold).  I brought in the containers I had and started pulling everything out of the cabinets.  After throwing a bunch of old product away, I sorted out what I wanted to keep into containers and labeled them.  I ended up with a beautiful, color coordinated and organized cabinet – finally!!!


Goodness, I got so into organizing, I completely forgot about my delicious breakfast, crazy since through my organizing I could smell the coffee, it is so inviting.  I decided that I worked hard for an hour, without stopping, it was time to sit down and enjoy this cup of coffee and put my feet up a bit.


#DeliciousPairings #Starbucks #Walmart


I sat down, took a sip and began to relax as I enjoyed the rich flavor of the medium breakfast blend.  My stomach awoke me from my trance, as I realized I was incredibly hungry after organizing.  The pastry was light and flaky, better than what I remembered as a child.  I wondered how it would taste after a quick sip of coffee.  Ahhhh, the flavor of the breakfast blend enhanced the sweetness of the turnover, bringing out the apple flavor; a perfect pairing.


I must say, I LOVE spring cleaning. It is so refreshing to get the house organized and in order, I think it is time to start on one of the kids rooms tomorrow!!! With the kids on spring break it may take me longer since their version of cleaning is really “playing”.  Maybe I can entice them since I still have 3 more apple turnovers.  OR, maybe I’ll just keep them for myself.  I need something to go with my coffee, right?  Haha!

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