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When my husband brought up the idea of us renewing our vows for our 10th wedding anniversary, obviously I was super excited and began planning right away. We talked about guest lists, dieting, new semi-formal attire and the guest list; but the one thing my husband really wanted to get done before the big day was whitening his teeth. He had perfect timing, because I had received an email from Smile Brilliant about sampling an in home teeth whitening process.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit
Within a few days of signing up and ordering online, we received our Smile Brilliant startup kit with the impression trays and impression putty. We followed the instructions that were included in the kit: mix one container of catalyst paste with one container of the base paste and divide amongst both blue trays evenly within 30 seconds. They include 3 of each in the kit in case you make a mistake.

Smile Brilliant Impression

Next he took both the upper impression tray and evenly pressed into teeth by pushing straight up into his mouth. Then he added the bottom tray and pressed his teeth into the mold until the material began to overflow a bit so it could also mold to his gums.


  • You must hold the molds for approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds so that the material is firm.
  • Do not wiggle the impression as it will not be an accurate mold.
  • Do not bite down, you will push through the molding material and into the tray.
  • Do not remove the molding material from the tray.

Once the molds are ready, we had them sit out overnight (in the tray) and gently washed them after 30 minutes. The next morning I packaged them up and sent them off to Smile Brilliant for the next step.

A few weeks later, we received a package in the mail that contained the whitening trays along with our actual impression molds so we could share. We decided to wait until we were on vacation to actually do the teeth whitening since our anniversary celebration was right when we returned. One night when the kids were asleep from a crazy fun day, we sat down and pulled out the whitening trays and whitening gel and began the process.

Smile Brilliant Whitening Tray

First, we looked at the rest of the materials that were in the Smile Brilliant Kit. It contained 3 tubes of professional teeth whitening gel and three tubes of desensitizing gel in case we had sensitive teeth or gums. My husband has been through a previous teeth whitening experience in the dentist’s office, so he made the decision not to use the desensitizing gel.

Whitening Process:

  • Brush and floss teeth thoroughly
  • Check the whitening trays to make sure clean and dry
  • Remove the breakaway cap on professional teeth whitening gel and begin filling trays
  • Apply a “string” of teeth whitening gel along the front and inner surface of the tray
  • Gently insert the trays by pushing them in a forward pressing motion
  • Wipe away overflow gel
  • Wait 20 min to 3 hours depending on sensitivity.

Since my husband isn’t the patient type, he decided to wait the minimum 20 minutes with the trays. A few things he noticed, apparently his teeth have shifted a bit. The trays didn’t fit quite snug to his teeth – could be because we waited a while from receiving the trays before he actually did the whitening treatment. he also said that the whitening didn’t have much of a flavor, which I thought was awesome since I’m kind of particular about the taste when it comes to whitening. So many of the whitening products on the market have a bitter or nasty taste.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Anniversary

After completing the Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening in home program, we were camera ready for our 10 year Anniversary vow renewal. The hubster now has nice bright white teeth that he is happy with. As for how much whiter, they seem to be a few shades brighter, enough that I could notice.

Now that we have the trays, if he wants to do the process again, all we have to do is order the Professional Whitening Gel. Thanks Smile Brilliant for giving him a beautiful bright smile.

Teeth Whitening Trays

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