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Disclaimer: I am part of the Fox Home Entertainers Insiders Group and regularly review their movies and share my opinions with my loyal readers.  We receive or own copy of the DVD as part of the insiders group.

It’s an Epic Day!  On August 20th, EPIC debuts on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Deluxe Edition Blu-ray, and DVD rom Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. imagesEpic_BD_BeautyOcard_CircularDirected by Chris Wedge (The Ice Age Franchise) and featuring an amazing voice cast including Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, Jason Sudeikis, Steven Tyler, Pitbull, and Beyoncé, the blockbuster film comes home just in time to help families become one with nature and end the summer in Epic style. That time of year has come again! The kids are heading back to school and you’re like us, your kids will be starting at a completely new school with new teachers, experiences, lessons and friends. You can start off in the right direction by being environmentally friendly in your preparations for this school year. Take some advice from the Leafmen and follow these ten tips for going green to ensure you have an EPIC school year! Epic 1. Before heading to the store in search of supplies, take inventory of what items are left over from last year that can still be used this time around. Shopping for school can be exciting with all of the bright, fun items! Try to make sure you aren’t forgetting what you came for and don’t buy any unnecessary products that will go to waste. 2. When you have reduced your list of school supplies to the necessities, ensure that you think about what you buy. Look for pens and pencils that can be refilled or supplies that are made from recycled product. Read the labels and make smart decisions to help preserve the magic of Moonhaven! Epic Day 3. There are so many ways to decrease the pollutants created by getting to and from school each day! If your child’s school has a bussing system, let them take the bus with their neighborhood friends each day. For older kids who live close to school, walking or biking each day not only provides them with exercise, but also completely eliminates any pollution from cars. 4. The Leafmen made their own clothes and armor from natural products to help protect the environment. You can also make a difference with your clothes by arranging a clothing swap party with some of your kids’ friends! Everyone will walk away with new clothes and a happy conscience when they realize they are helping the environment! 5. The end of the day can be quite hectic as you run around dropping kids off at various after school activities! You can save your sanity and the earth by setting up a carpool schedule with other parents. Bonus: your kids will love the extra time with their friends! Epic Day 6. When packing lunch for your little ones, keep the residents of Moonhaven on your mind. Invest in reusable water bottles, lunch boxes, and food containers. The kids will probably have tons of fun picking out lunch supplies with fun patterns and themes! Buying these products will also conserve tons of unnecessary waste!  Here is an activity sheet to pack your very own Epic Lunch: epic_activitysheet_lunch JPG 7. The packaging isn’t the only part of lunch you can change to become more green! Send healthy, eco-friendly snacks and lunches with your little ones each day. Things like local, organic fruits and veggies are a great addition to your kids’ lunch! Epic Day 8.  In Epic, Queen Tara wears a gorgeous dress made from flower petals and leaves! You can get creative like her by changing the style of your backpack! Instead of purchasing a new bag every year, have a craft day and let your kids change up their bag with patches, paint, or other supplies. 9.  Find out if your school already has a recycling program in place. If they don’t, take a stand and help set one up for each classroom! If recycling is already part of the plan, be sure to inform your own kids of the benefits of recycling so that they will participate! 10. Consider buying used books for your young students! Look online for gently used books or visit a local bookstore. This tip benefits students from grade school through college, when textbooks get extra expensive! And here is a book mark activity sheet you can print and use and recycle each year: Epic Day We truly enjoyed the movie.  Did you see?  We had an Epic backyard party with friends, all in honor of the release of the movie!  Now you can too.  Epic will be available for purchase on Blue Ray and DVD as of Tuesday, August 20th.  However, why not win a copy for your family:


One lucky Toddler Trails fan will win their very own copy of Epic on Blueray/DVD

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Valid for US Residents only. All fans have an equal chance to win, however, you must enter to win. Winners will be randomly selected via RaffleCopter and be notified via email. They have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be randomly selected the same way. Winners can only win once per month. Not liable for unclaimed prizes or fulfillment.

Here is what is included in the EPIC 2- disc Blu-ray Combo Pack – BD/Ultraviolet/DVD & DC:

  • Mub & Grub Intro – Join Mub and Grub for an EPIC tour through the special features of this Blu-ray!
  • Birds, Bugs and Slugs: Forest Explorer – Journey into the forest to meet the real-life counterparts of the EPIC world!
  • Rot Rocks – Mandrake might be the bad guy, but his world of rot benefits ours in a number of ways, let’s discover how!
  • Bugs of Camouflage – Join us to find out how bugs use their environment to hide right under our noses, just like the Leafmen!
  • The Epic Life At Two Inches Tall – How would your life be different if you were only two inches tall? Aside from being small, there are some surprising and amazing benefits!
  • Mysteries of Moonhaven Revealed – Meet the incredibly talented filmmakers, artists, and animators at Blue Sky, and learn all about the making of EPIC!
    • The World
    • The Leafmen
    • Queen Tara
    • Mub & Grub
    • Nim Galuu
    • The Stompers
    • Finding Moonhaven
  • Epic Coloring & Storybook Builder App – Color your own EPIC story with exclusive pages on your iOS or Android devices. Then become the story teller by recording your own voice and share on your television with family and friends
  • Theatrical Trailer

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  1. My first grader will have an “Epic” day because my husband will stay home from work on her first day and walk her to school and picked her up after school. It’s a rare day when he is able to do that but he makes sure he never misses a special school event. So excited for school to start! Oh and I have a Senior in high school too, so it’s an “Epic” day when she is able to drive herself to school on the first day. 😉

  2. My son is going to Kindergarten so that in itself is an “epic” day for him. He finally gets to go to school at the same time as the big kids! To celebrate, we will make a cake. 🙂

  3. I can’t remember what we did for our sons first day of school since they’ve been in school for 2 weeks now. I think I had made an egg casserole dish that they really like, I always take a picture of my boyz in front of the door so I can show how they’ve grown. For the past 2 weeks since they’ve been in school I’ve made several different make-a-head breakfasts (egg casserole, chocolate gravy w/biscuits).


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